Poor Tuloy Kids Donate to the Poor

Fr. Rocky was clearly ecstatic to the gut when Tuloy Trainees of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning gifted him with money they have saved so that other students can benefit from the Technical Education offered by Tuloy. In his own words Fr. Rocky messaged as follows.

“I could not hold back my tears when a group of Tuloy students of the Ref. and Air Con Course gave me 20.880.80 pesos in one peso , five peso, and some 20 peso bills collected thru the year to help in their own little way somebody poorer than they ... hard hard earned money thru begging, carry loads at night Widow's mite talaga!!!

What a humbling and inspiring and example from our Tuloy kids.

Thank you friends and benefactors for helping this transformation of our kids.

You help them to help others this early . even if they

are still struggling

God bless us all..