If you are at least 21 years old, if you have the maturity needed to handle children and if you would like to experience the empowerment and fulfillment of helping the least, the last and the lost, choose from any Tuloy's volunteer Options below:

Some of our Volunteers who among other things also come to tutor our boys and girls. These people inspire.

Importance of Volunteerism in Tuloy
  • Volunteerism has always been a vital component of Tuloy.

    • From the handful of volunteers who first went out at night to look for street children, to those who look care of the first 12, to those who made do with the meager funds and raised more so Tuloy could take in other kids, volunteers have since become a permanent reality of the template of Tuloy

  • Tuloy's Plan for Volunteers and Volunteerism:

    • To Create a community of religious and lay people from various socio-economic and educational backgrounds, actively participating in volunteer work as a regular, sustainable expression of their personal values and their communal faith

  • Tuloy's volunteers are an important inspiration to the children.

    • The children know that the volunteers give them time and attention without expecting anything in return. they see the volunteers as living proof that there are good and compassionate people in this world. They see the volunteers as role models to whom they can aspire.

  • The Vision of Tuloy Volunteers:

    • We offer our time, effort and love in spreading the spirit of volunteerism within and beyond the walls of Tuloy by sharing its value of caring, healing and teaching the children of the streets.

  • The Mission of Tuloy Volunteers:

    • We shall put SMILES on the facs of street children and plant HOPE in their hearts; we will support them every way we can and in so doing help them BELIEVE in a God that truly cares.

College students transporting gravel to the Aquaponics farm.

Support for Tuloy Volunteers

Tuloy recognizes the importance of encouraging and creating a motivational environment for its volunteers.  Below is a list of support activities for the volunteers of Tuloy:

  • Annual start-of-the-year Thanksgiving Celebration with our founder, Fr. Rocky

  • Tri-Annual Prayer and Business meeting with our founder, Fr. Rocky

  • Monthly debriefing with Volunteer Coordinators (of Day volunteers) or Core Leaders (of night Volunteers.

  • Semi-Annual Downtime with the Kids

Tuloy volunteers are supported by a group of other volunteers who work closely with our founder, Fr. Rocky Evangelista. The Tuloy Volunteer Support Organizaton is composed of:

On-Boarding Process for Tuloy Volunteers
  1. First or exploratory visit:

    • Brief interview and introduction to Tuloy

    • Completion of Volunteer Information Sheet

    • Confirmation of prospective volunteer's interests/inclination

  2. Volunteer screening process

  3. Scheduling of orientation for volunteers who have passed the screening process

  4. Orientation

    • Welcome and introductions

    • Confirmation of preferred volunteer option

    • Video of Tuloy

    • Orientation Proper

    • Tour of premises (for day orientation only)

    • Introduction to volunteer mentor

    • Endorsement to department concerned (for day volunteers)

    • Introduction to volunteer group (for night volunteers).


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Celebrating 22 years of Tuloy Volunteers' dedication. August 12, 2017, Cuayan, Angeles City.

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