When we work for a supernatural purpose there are no failures but only delayed success
— Fr. Rocky

Vice-President Leni Robredo inspects the sleeping quarters with residents from her home province of Bicol.


Tuloy cares for poor and abandoned children from the streets or from abusive family environments who are 9 to 18 years of age and physically and mentally trainable for skills that will enable them to obtain gainful employment in the future. Prospective residents are assessed by professional social workers and child psychologists, and finally by our Management Committee to ensure that they meet set intake criteria.

Currently, there are ten dorms in the village, each capable of accommodating up to 30 children. Two dorms house the girls, the rest the boys. A “head of house” serves as parent overseeing the children in each dorm – their needs, health, behavior, studies – and giving them the dose of love and discipline which they sorely need but never had enough of. Children learn respect and kindness as they live with “siblings”, the other children.

Psychologists and social workers from the Child Development Department (CDD) follow through the development of each child, including establishing birth records and history, and searching for family members. For children who have families, the CDD has quarterly visitation days and lectures, and Christmas vacations intended to foster family ties. In-house counseling and intervention by external professionals are made available as needed. Children are reconciled and live with their families whenever circumstances justify – more than 200 reconciliations on record since 1993.

Still, for some children, the trade-off to stay in Tuloy is simply too much and they leave. They are allowed to, with the hope that they will come back because they already know that in Tuloy, they are loved unconditionally. If they do, they are welcomed home to start anew.

Profile of Residents

Age             1993      2001    2009     April 2010

Below10         0              2             4               3

10-12               0            13           37            38

13-18             11            94         111          123

19 above        1             14           10            14

Total              12          123         162          178


Christmas day at Enchanted Kingdom. This activity has been going on for years due to the untiring support of good heartened people who share the Joy of Christmas.

Batang Tuloy.... Batang Matino.


Letting their light shine brighter and brighter everyday….

Let your light shine before men that they may see your good works and give your Father praise. (Mt. 5:16)