Young Life is a moment for Character Building and Integral Development

In Tuloy, Sports is integral to our Educative strategies and  Developmental processes. It is not just an 'extra-curricular' activity or an appendix program.

Ancient ‘Schools’ and Sports

In ancient societies children were initially educated through play in view of acquiring necessary survival and social skills.

To develop integrally, the young person needs to cover the tasks required in all the ares of growth: Biological, Intellectual, Spiritual, Emotional and Psycho-Social (Identity, Intimacy, Autonomy, Achievement, Sexuality). Sports offers an authentic and integrated experience for developing all the above areas of growth. The Experience of course, needs to be processed since the learning does not happen if the experiences are not reflected upon and internalized. Building of Character through sports therefore is a very deliberate undertaking. It does not happen by chance.

We don't just compete.... we build Character

Total Integrated Development

“Sports engages the whole person.  There is a reason why sports is seen as a very physical endeavour.  In reality however, because the person is an organism and not a machine, the physical is convincingly, connected to other aspects of the person. Those charged with Sports development therefore, need to have not only a Development program for the development of the Biological Physique but also of other aspects which include, the emotional stability, Social relationships with other players, the coach and officials, mental fitness (intellectual cognitive critical thinking) and Spirituality (Esprit de corpse, Values, interior morale strength, integrity, motivation, passion) . In truth playing football is a physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual activity. Strength, endurance, agility discipline in all those areas are necessary. Not to integrally develop the players in all these areas would otherwise expose the team to integral weaknesses.”

Psycho-Social Integration

Kids with anti-social tendencies are those most at risk of becoming delinquents, of  joining gangs,  of taking on  illegal risky behavior and of getting involved in criminal activities.  Team building in sports goes a long way in modifying anti-social behavior, in developing a sense of belonging and cooperation. The kids learn to manage their emotions and channel their pent-up energies. They cope-up with their experience failure, fatigue and frustration. They get to appreciate the rewards of delayed gratification and perseverance. Cognitive behavioral modification here so to speak is augmented and situated. We can say that the playing field could double as a therapy clinic as the child’s seat of judgement in the frontal cortex develops.

Re-Imagining Physical and Psycho-motor development

Many of the Tuloy kids who ‘come in from the cold’  are of stunted growth and poor physiological built due to poor nourishment. In some, delayed mental development is manifested in uncoordinated psycho-motor operations. The sports program also aims to reclaim lost time in their development.

It is worth noting that in Tuloy Nutrition is a Strategy and not just the ‘live-stock like’ feeding of hungry children. Every child has specific needs. Feeding a child who is on high intensity sports training is different from those doing On-the-Job training in Call centers.

Sports and Academic-Vocational Education and Training

Many Attitudes and Cognitive Dispositions that contribute to Academic success and training achievement are developed through Team Sports Training and Competition: Self-Discipline, Will Power, Joyful Commitment, Critical-Creative-Strategic Thinking, Physical-Mental Health, Team Communication-Collaboration, Motivation and Positive-Cheerful Esprit de cops.

Sports actually provide immediate opportunities not just to appreciate but also to authentically practice these values and turn them into positive habits.

The Philippine Department of Education, a couple of years back, discovered that truancy was significantly lower in public schools where there were sports facilities. St. John Bosco also observed that sports helped in lowering disciplinary problems and improved the general morale in his educational institutions. He also realized how theater and sports can be used not only to improve self-esteem and self-confidence but also for creating engaging learning environments for teaching Language, Math and other academic subjects. This would find affinities with what today would be called the Gamification of Learning where hard subject matter becomes exciting and challenging.

Character and Identity

Identity put simply, is everything a person believes he or she is. It is imperative that a persons gets a proper understanding of who they are and what their purpose is. They discover their limits and their strengths aware of the fact that they can wake up and become better than what they were the day before. Children who concretely see their daily improvement in sports gets convinced of this. Their ‘fighting spirit’ so to speak is founded on real Hope and not just unrealistic wishful thinking. Character building in a sense is Spiritual and draws from what is most deeply humanizing.

From weak, wounded and deprived children they turn into healthy, motivated and competent men and women of Character, ready to integrate themselves productively into society as Honest Citizens and Upright Believers in God.

spirituality of the playground

In Ancient Greece, the Gymnasium was not only a training centre for physical development but also for Intellectual growth. In fact almost all of the gymnasium included lecture rooms and libraries.

It is therefore not easy to understand how St. Paul refers to may connections between spiritual practices and sports activities: boxing (1Co 9:26), wrestling (Eph 6:12), racing (1 Co 4:24; Gal 5:7; Phl 3:12-14), all of which he likens to the contest against evil. The practice of virtue is the Christian gymnastic (1Tim 4:7 and following).

Disciplining the body intertwined with disciplining the mind and the soul.

Three time Under 16 National Rugby Champions. When discipline, consistent efforts and love for what one does, pay off.

Sports, Nation Building and Global Solidarity

Sports play a special role in the dynamics of any social construct. Sports builds both individuals and societies. Those who ascribe to the tenants of Structural Functionalism presents how sports is a microcosm of the dynamics in the bigger society of roles and functions.


Learning to face the Challenges of life
through football...

It has been over five years since Tuloy has partnered with Luenthai in raising its sports program to world class level.  Coaches from Chelsea Football School Hongkong come regularly to give world-class football training to our kids.

Coaches from Chelsea Football School Hongkong come regularly to give world-class football training to our kids.

Starting them young to work together, support one another and have healthy wholesome fun together.

We intend that sports will have given the kids competencies that can be transferred and applied into other aspects of their productive lives.

With Coach Taketomo Suzuki, Head Coach and Programme Director of Tuloy FC

Batang tuloy.... Batang Matino


Letting their light shine brighter and brighter each day…..

Let your light shine before men that they may see your good works and give your Father praise. (Mt. 5:16)