The Joy of innovative and Participative Productivity

The poor are the most affected by Climate Change and Issues relating to  Food Security and  access to safe water.  Our Aqua-Terraponics program realizes the empowering capacity of RESILIENCE. Resilience not just in the face of  environmental catastrophes but in front of the Challenges they have and will encounter in life.

The Kids we care for, learn to  care for plants and animals and in turn realize the value of keeping the delicate balance of nature. They also experience the joy of being able to help provide food for the community they care for. 

Fr. Rocky Evangelista shares his advocacy on resilience for the the vulnerable to the effects of Climate Change, food security and nurturing an integrated young person through integrated farming.

Tuloy’s Vision for Aquaponics is pretty much the vision we have for our Street children Village. Resiliet. Flexible. Innovative. Sustainable. Orderly. Harmonious. Efficient. Respectful. Collaborative. Productive. Meaningful. Difficult but joyfully exciting beaming with positive expectations. Our kids because they have already ‘survived’ are truly exceptional. We now have with much much patience have to nurture them to their full potential.

Training modules for three models of Aquaponics: 1. Media Bed (far back) 2. Deep Water Culture (middle) 3. Nutrient Film Technique (front tubes with lettuce growing on them)


Aquaponics is for our kids a Developmental Laboratory:

  1. RESILIENCE: The Poor are most affected by climate change. Resilience in their own life stories.having innovative and creative mind set in addressing ones own problems in life. Just like aquaponics. Value of critical thinking. Philippine agriculture has not proven to be a lucrative form of livelihood for our subsistence farmers. Our aquaponics project can create a mindset that helps people realize how problems can be overcome with creativity and innovations.

  2. Joy of CARING (MAY MALASAKIT) for plants, fish and those who will eat these produce. Kids who are cruel to animals and plants are indicative of anti social tendencies which pre dispose to criminal activity.

  3. RESPECT for ORDER, CLEANLINESS balance HARMONY symbiosis of nature (plants animals micro organisms) concept on Inter connectedness and relationships. Integrated farming model.

  4. Sustainability and efficiency with proper Waste Management and Materials Recovery. Responsibility for tools, equipment and materials. No wastage.

  5. BAYANIHAN cooperative mentality. Teamwork. Everyone is responsibility and significant. Sense of Community WORK and personal responsibility. Appreciates values of leadership, planning, discussion, communication, problem solving and collaboration.

  6. NOT AFRAID OF HARD, REPETITIVE WORK. Values decent work. Has purpose and Meaning. Work has clear objectives and outcomes.

  7. Experience of fulfillment and success in PRODUCTIVITY. Seeing fruits of ones labor. “Pag may tyaga may nilaga”.

  8. SPIRITUALITY of GOD’s Creation and care for our environment and surroundings not only in the aquaponics but everywhere.