Gratitude - to God, parents, and benefactors

Obedience - to God, mentors and conscience with internalized values

Dedication - to God, country and duty with love

Leadership - by example, teamwork and personal discipline 

Initiative - creativity and innovation for  constant improvement

Nourish - mother earth and environment

Excellence - do ordinary duties extraordinarily well 

Success - through consistent effort that others may live

Spirituality - clear purpose and focus to share and to serve for heaven.

Chapel of the Forgiving Lord

Itinulong sa iyo...
Sa iba ituloy mo.....

Let the assistance afforded you...
through you to others may continue....

Our kids participate regularly in an out-reach program for the  physically challenged at Elsie Gaches. "Ang Tulong sa iyo Ituloy mo sa iba." Caring forward today!