Former Mayor shares his Admiration for the Miracle that is Tuloy

Father Rocky’s street children

Published January 21, 2019, 12:15 AM




James Augustine Dino, a culinary arts graduate,  was personally chosen by Chef Alain Ducasse to work in his famous Le Jules Verne restaurant in Paris, France.

Benedict Sabularse and Edmar Sumera, ballet dancers,  are considered rising stars in  Ballet Academy in Cannes, France, and in Hamburg Ballet school in Germany, respectively.

Robbie Bron, Rene Malleza, Oxenola Adimar, all automotive graduates, had successful stints  in the Middle East and are now living in Australia with their families.

Maricar Peñalosa, a member of the Manuvu tribe in North Cotabato, is productively employed in a BPO.

What do  James Augustine, Benedict, Edmar, Robbie, Rene, Oxenola, and Maricar have in common?

Years ago, they were malnourished, shabby, and  frightened children whom Father Rocky Evangelista rescued from the streets.  The good priest took them under his care at the Tuloy Foundation, hoping to transform them into responsible contributing members of society.

Father Rocky has been hugely successful. For the past 25 years, Tuloy Foundation has taken under its wing around 20,000 street children who, otherwise,  would have been at risk of becoming perpetual burdens of society or, worse, criminals.

Father Rocky’s formula was simple: Gather these children in a caring and nurturing environment, provide them with their basic needs, give them basic literacy and  technical-vocational skills training and initial job placement. More important: teach them to dream and make them realize those dreams via value and spiritual formation.

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