Young Life is a moment for Character Building and Integral Development

In Tuloy, Sports is integral to our Educative strategies and  Developmental processes. It is not just an 'extra-curricular' activity or an appendix program.

To develop integrally the young person needs to cover the tasks required in all the ares of growth: Biological, Intellectual, Psychological, Emotional, Social and Spiritual (Identity, Intimacy, Autonomy, Achievement, Sexuality). Sports offers an authentic and integrated experience of developing all the above areas of growth. The Experience of course needs to be processed since the learning does not happen if the experiences are not processed and internalized. Building of Character through sports therefore is a very deliberate undertaking. It does not happen by chance.

We don't just compete.... we build Character

Kids with anti-social tendencies are those most at risk of becoming delinquents, of  joining gangs,  of taking on  illegal risky behavior and of getting involved in criminal activities.  Team building in sports goes a long way in modifying anti-social behavior, in developing a sense of belonging and cooperation.

Many of the Tuloy kids who ‘come in from the cold’  are of stunted growth and poor physiological built due to poor nourishment. In some, delayed mental development is manifested in uncoordinated psycho motor operations. The sports program also aims to reclaim lost time in their development.

Three time Under 16 National Rugby Champions. When discipline, consistent efforts and love for what one does, pay off.


Learning to face the Challenges of life
through football...

It has been over three years since Tuloy has partnered with Luenthai in raising its sports program to world class level.  ( to be continuted).

Coaches from Chelsea Football School Hongkong come regularly to give world-class football training to our kids.

Starting them young to work together, support one another and have healthy wholesome fun together.

We intend that sports will have given the kids competencies that can be transferred and applied into other aspects of their productive lives.

With Coach Taketomo Suzuki, Head Coach and Programme Director of Tuloy FC